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Los Angeles Writer, mystery novels, detective, police procedural, legal thriller, psychological

I am a second-generation California native. I've lived in the Los Angeles area my whole life. After graduating UCLA's  Theatre/Film/Television program, I went on to work such diverse jobs as babysitting a super-agent's girlfriend and sipping cappuccinos at Armani in Beverly Hills while my boss tried on clothing. I then worked for Columbia Records in product marketing, at which time I decided to  become a rock star. When that didn't pan out, I quit the record company to pursue writing on a full time basis; a decision which caused my mother to label me a "Bohemian." My pursuit of a career in writing led me to become a sales supervisor of a telemarketing room. It's all good. The experience was the inspiration for the play, "Follow Your Dreams," which I co-wrote and co-produced with Ronald Jacobs, and which ran for 8 weeks in L.A. 

I worked alongside my husband in his closeout business and wrote two psychological suspense novels, all the while raising two wonderful kids. I formed a publishing company called FYD Media. FYD stands for Follow Your Dreams. I'm proud to say the company has published books by other authors as well. 

Following an opportunity to submit self-published books to the London agency AM Heath, I signed with an agent for worldwide rights. Within a couple of months the books went to auction, and Blanvalet/Random House published the German versions. I am now what's known as a "hybrid" author, being both self-published and traditionally published, 

I continue to write. My articles and short stories have appeared in various publications and anthologies. The Gabriel McRay books have won multiple awards. I would encourage people to follow their dreams. You have only one life to live, and the journey is worth it.

Book Awards

Independent publisher

A Random House Editor's Best Picks: Book of the Month 

Named Kirkus Review's Best of 2011/Indie


2016 Amsterdam Book Festvial 

The 2014 Silver  IPPY Award  

The Clue Award 

The Beach Book Festival

The Los Angeles Book Festival

The Southern California Book Festival  

Honored at  

Library Journal's   

2015 Self-e Awards  

The London Book Festival  

The Hollywood Book Festival  

Writer's Digest    

Annual Writing Competition  

Named  Shelf Unbound's Page-Turner 

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Trade Review Excerpts

"Stevens sets the stage for graphic sensory details and a fast-paced tantalizing mystery that utilizes her passion and research in forensics and psychology...Memorable characters, macabre scenes, and a dazzling portrayal of reality will leave readers anxious for book two in the Gabriel McRay series."   Kirkus Reviews

"Frighteningly great Indie title...Be sure to leave a light on!"  The Huffington Post

"This is a very unique, nuanced thriller with multiple layers of intrigue...had me hooked from the first page."  Writer's Digest

"This blood-curdling thriller kept me up at night."  Suspense Magazine

“The psychological thriller might be the most challenging type to write well, but Laurie Stevens has cracked that code. The novel’s suspense grows with each page-turning chapter.”

International Thriller Writers' The Big Thrill

"Deep into Dusk has all the ingredients of a hair-raising movie thriller on par with the movie Fatal Attraction as it sucks you into wild intrigue with a very unexpected ending. This is one author I am sure we will be hearing more from in the future."

"An enticing murder mystery with an unorthodox protagonist. Stevens delights in playing with conventions set forth by past detective novels...Respects the old-school murder mystery while showcasing contemporary characters."   Kirkus Reviews

Stevens has once again brought us to the edge of our seats with her gift for psychological suspense and leaves us scarred forever. Like Ming is drawn to the tortured soul of McRay, we too are drawn into the heat; better to be burned than to have never known the flame."  Suspense Magazine

"The Mask of Midnight is nothing short of astounding.  A  psychological thriller of the first caliber, I had to remind myself on more than one occasion to breathe."   Back Porchervations Book Review

"It was a nail-biting race to the finish. I couldn't put this book down because I simply had to know what would happen next. This was an excellent mystery thriller and I thoroughly enjoyed it."  My Fiction Nook

"A skillfully woven tapestry of subplots and character development. Remarkable characters, in addition to Gabriel, enrich the narrative: Ming, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Victor, whose diligence makes him a disturbing but memorable killer. Though the author eschews graphic descriptions of violent acts, her crisp prose leaves a lasting impression 

A taut thriller with complex characters and an unforgettable villain."

Kirkus Reviews

"This is the ultimate cat-and-mouse thriller that will lead the reader through the pages of another keep-you- up-all-night novel; a genre that has shown Laurie Stevens to be, arguably, the leader of the pack."

Suspense Magazine

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